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3K Security

Milton, Queensland, Australia


Our Mission is to represent you, protect your assets, and deliver unparalleled management. By doing this, you can focus on conducting your day to day business. Our team of dedicated security professionals is well-versed in many areas of security, bringing a diverse background to the table. 3K Security is a unique example of how industry trends and expectation are created. Most companies in this genre offer a single and one dimensional level of service. Our attention to customizing individual service programs for commercial locations is the dialogue that sets us apart from everyone else. A strong focus on hospitality leads the culture of security service which 3K Security provides. We offer free initial consultations.

Our services include:

  • Security Officers

We offer well trained security officers with specific experience to meet clients needs

  • Concierge

Security professionals with a strong focus on customer service.

  • Mobile patrols

Offering Lockups/unlocks, security patrols to make sure your  business remains secured

  • Crowd Controllers

Guards with conflict negotiation skills required to diffuse situations

  • Event Security

We will help you analyse any risk related to event and provide security required.

  • Bodyguards

Security operatives with Police & military back ground specialling in providing  security to High risk clients